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Magic Johnson hasn’t spoken ‘directly’ to Jeanie Buss since resigning

Magic Johnson abruptly resigned as the Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations at an impromptu news conference on April 9, leaving the NBA world stunned.

While the franchise icon has continued to weigh in on the goings-on with the team, it turns out he has yet to speak personally with Lakers co-owner and CEO Jeanie Buss.

“I haven’t talked to her directly,” Johnson told The Athletic’s Bill Oram. “I’ve sent messages, I’ve left her messages. … I call her assistant or whoever and just like I say, ‘Hey, we’ve got to do [the Anthony Davis trade].’ I left them all a message: ‘You’ve got to do it.’ Because now you’re set for 10 years, even after LeBron [James]. And I’m glad they did it.”

Interestingly, Buss just recently weighed in on Johnson’s sudden resignation. Speaking at length about the state of the Lakers, Buss said she was taken aback by the timing of Johnson’s departure from the organization.

“It was a surprise when Magic turned in his resignation. I didn’t see that coming,” Buss said, via

As noted, Johnson has become a prolific user of Twitter since he left the Lakers, and had nothing but praise for the Lakers over the acquisition of Anthony Davis.

Johnson followed up that tweet with praise for Rob Pelinka, which came as a surprise given the unflattering things he had to say about the Lakers general manager after he quit.

It merits noting that Johnson did not bother to notify Buss that he would be resigning before publicly announcing it, so it’s understandable that things remain somewhat awkward between the two. That said, odds are the two will personally reconcile at some point given Johnson’s ongoing, esteemed status with the organization and Buss’ integral role in running it.