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Fan sneaks on field to hug Cody Bellinger for second game in a row

On Monday night at Chase Field, a fan sneaked onto the field in a bid to hug superstar outfielder Cody Bellinger. It marked the second straight game a young woman has made such an attempt — with Sunday’s incident occurring at Dodger Stadium — raising questions whether the league might have a developing problem on its hands.

Monday’s incident occurred during the eighth inning of the Dodgers’ 8-5 loss on the road to the Arizona Diamondbacks. As was the case during Sunday night’s disruption, the young woman was wrangled by ballpark security and subsequently arrested.

The young woman who disrupted the game Sunday night at Dodger Stadium with her antics was not deterred by her arrest, saying it was all “worth it” on social media.

Bellinger, meanwhile, was not impressed with the young woman’s ill-advised effort to share an on-field embrace during Sunday’s game.

“I don’t think my hugs are that special to be honest, so for future reference my hugs aren’t that great so don’t rush me on the field,” Bellinger said after Sunday’s game, via Dodgers reporter David Vassegh.

There is no indication that Bellinger weighed in on Monday’s incident afterward, but odds are he’d share the same sentiments as he did on Sunday.

Major League Baseball has no choice but to confront the potential that having similar incidents occur in consecutive games could inspire further copycat gambits. That in and of itself is unfortunate.

That said, the only thing the league can arguably do at this point is to showcase a larger security presence at ballparks when Bellinger takes his position in the outfield and pursue any and all punishments MLB policy and local law permits.