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Dak Prescott reacts to Amari Cooper’s comments on his contract talks

It remains to be seen when the Dallas Cowboys will resolve Dak Prescott’s contract conundrum, but the quarterback certainly appreciates Amari Cooper’s flattering comments concerning where negotiations should start.

Cooper, appearing on ESPN’s “First Take” on Monday, argued that Prescott should be “paid amongst the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.”

Many in NFL circles agree with that assessment, and Prescott himself likes what his Cowboys teammate had to say about the situation.

“I may second that,” Prescott said Tuesday at his third annual Dak Prescott ProCamp at Haughton High School, via WFAA-8. “There’s a lot of times, I mean, win, loss or draw, you drew it up, you’re out there giving your all. You’re trying to get better.”

Prescott enters the 2019 NFL season in the final year of his rookie contract. He will be paid $2.025 million, an absolute steal for a quarterback who has led the Cowboys to a 32-16 record in his first three seasons while leading the team twice to the postseason.

The numbers being thrown around on an extension suggest Prescott could reach the $30 million mark in annual pay. However, it’s unclear if the Cowboys are willing to allow themselves to be hamstrung by tying up so much money on one player, even one of Prescott’s pedigree and potential.

Prescott nevertheless recently preached patience as the process continues to play out, saying of a long-term deal: “It happens when it happens.”

That said, Prescott recognizes while he may receive a disproportionate amount of the glory — not to mention ultimately the accompanying paycheck — it takes a team effort to get where the Cowboys want to go.

“When it matters the most and you have to go win, you have to make the play, not only myself but my team, we have a lot of guys like that that want that opportunity in their hands,” Prescott added Tuesday.