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Was Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins Twitter beef a contrived gimmick?

A so-called beef involving NBA superstars Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Cousins — and ex-NBAers-turned-analysts Jalen Rose and Paul Pierce for good mesaure — blew up on Twitter recently, and it appears it was nothing more than a contrived advertising gimmick perpetrated by a toilet paper company, of all things.

The social media dust-up, as it originally appeared to be, was spawned by Griffin calling out Rose and Pierce as soft while tagging Cousins in a tweet and mentioning Charmin.

Cousins responded to the perceived slight a short while later with a series of tweets.

Griffin later responded in kind, as did Rose and Pierce.

The notion that the trash-talking exchanges were some part of an advertising blitz is readily evident given the hashtags that all four participants used in every tweet: #softlikeCharmin and #Charmin partner.

Social media beefs are commonplace when it comes to NBA stars, so Charmin arguably deserves credit for the somewhat hackneyed guerrilla marketing campaign surrounding the guys’ idle smack talk. While a contrived gambit, indeed, it was nevertheless a cleverly executed one.

After all, who would think following NBA superstars on Twitter would expose a fan to savvy promotions for toilet paper?