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Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving have reportedly ‘met twice’ in recent weeks

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are close friends and there have long been rumors that the two superstars could join forces by signing with the same team in free agency. While much is of course left to be determined, a recent report suggests the two have “met twice” in recent weeks to discuss their perceptively linked NBA futures.

Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher shares in a column published Monday that according to league sources, the first meeting between Durant and Irving occurred in the Bay Area while the the Golden State Warriors star was sidelined with a calf injury during the NBA Finals. The second, meanwhile, occurred in New York after Durant underwent surgery on his ruptured Achilles tendon.

The latest buzz surrounding Irving indicates the mercurial point guard — who has opted out of the final year of his deal with the Boston Celtics — has designs on signing with the Brooklyn Nets, though subsequent reporting suggests the interest may not be mutual depending on certain conditions.

Among those purported conditions is that the Nets may be reluctant to sign Irving unless it’s assured the team can attract another high-profile free agent, namely Durant.

Speaking of the hobbled Warriors superstar, a report suggests Golden State may be inclined to execute a delayed sign-and-trade with Durant, something that conceivably would prove mutually beneficial to both involved parties.

All that said, there obviously are several moving parts in play related to the futures of both Irving and Durant, with the former’s enigmatic ways presenting a source of concern for interested teams. Durant, meanwhile, is expected to be sidelined the entire 2019-20 NBA season with his Achilles injury.

How things go from here is anyone’s guess, as spelled out by one unnamed insider, especially when it comes to the Durant angle.

“Whatever Kevin is planning to do,” says one league executive who has known Durant since he entered the NBA, Bucher writes, “he is going to change his mind at least 25 times before he actually does it.”

One certainty, it would appear, is that the two longtime pals are actively plotting their next steps in tandem.