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Phillies leave D.C. swept, but Bryce Harper still got to troll Nats fans

The slumping Philadelphia Phillies departed D.C. on the losing end of a series-shortened two-game sweep at the hands of the Washington Nationals, but Bryce Harper still managed to get in a bit of trolling at the expense of the fans who once worshiped him.

With the first two games in the series postponed, the Phillies and Nationals played a doubleheader on Thursday, with the home team winning both games.

During the third inning of the finale, Harper caught a fly ball in right field to retire the Nats, and afterward the Phillies slugger turned to the fans and took the ball out of his glove before scanning the crowd.

Instead of tossing the ball into the stands, Harper kept it and trotted back to the dugout. Before descending the steps, Harper noticed some Phillies fans seated behind the dugout and gave the ball to a young fan rocking a Philly jersey.

Harper is no slouch when it comes to trolling opposing fans in their home ballpark — he pulled off an epic taunt at Wrigley Field earlier this season — but Thursday’s antics of course took on added meaning given it was done at the expense of Nationals fans.

That said, Nationals fans were not surprisingly relentless in their booing, chirping and taunting of the former D.C. hero, so the case can be made that Harper was simply returning the favor.