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Tim Tebow meets with survivor of UNCC mass shooting

Tim Tebow took some time to meet up with a fan before Wednesday’s game, and the encounter was especially meaningful given the trauma the young man recently experienced.

The New York Mets minor leaguer, currently playing with the Triple-A Syracuse Mets, had a conversation with 19-year-old Drew Pescaro, a survivor of the mass shooting at University of North Carolina at Charlotte on April 30.

Pescaro, who was wounded in the shooting on April 30 but survived after undergoing two surgeries, must be a huge Tebow fan, as he was sporting a Tebow No. 5 jersey from his brief stint with New England Patriots, which consisted of a tryout during the 2013 preseason.

Tebow has spoken with Pescaro via FaceTime, but Wednesday marked the first time the two have met in person.

“I’ve followed him since he was at Florida. … He’s been my sports idol since fourth grade,” Pescaro said of Tebow. “I thought (the video call) was amazing, and then this was 10 times cooler.”

Tebow unsurprisingly has been left impressed with Pescaro.

“(Pescaro) is someone who, in the midst of adversity, showed so much strength and faith and determination,” Tebow said. “I always try to let (people in need) know I’ll be praying for them. Hopefully that can be encouraging.”

Tebow has long been targeted by naysayers, who argue he is undeserving of the attention that has been lavished upon him during both his NFL and minor-league baseball careers.

While some believe his foray into professional baseball may be reaching its conclusion given his struggles this season, even his harshest critics presumably cannot find fault with how he conducts himself away from field or gridiron.

Wednesday’s meeting with Pescaro is simply the latest example of Tebow’s class and generosity.