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Joe Maddon baffled by MLB HR surge, calls it ‘extraterrestrial’

Joe Maddon without question is among the most eccentric characters to ever manage an MLB team, and comments recently made by the Chicago Cubs skipper about the stunning outburst of home runs this season is truly out of this world.

Major League Baseball is experiencing an unprecedented amount of homers in 2019, and if this pace continues, numerous records will not only be broken, they will be shattered. There have been countless theories forwarded to explain the phenomenon, but Maddon humorously suggested it perhaps has to do with otherworldly forces, namely aliens.

“I don’t know what I’m witnessing, but the way the ball is coming off the bat right now is extraterrestrial,” Maddon said after the Cubs beat the White Sox 7-3 Wednesday at Wrigley Field, per ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “It’s an E.T. thing going on out there. It’s crazy. This is my fifth year [with the Cubs], and I know what I’ve seen. Whenever the wind is blowing in like that, you don’t see that. You don’t see that.”

Maddon alluded to the chilly conditions on the north side of Chicago on Wednesday night in his comments, weather that does not typically prove conducive to hitting home runs. The Cubs and White Sox nevertheless bashed five long balls in the first four innings of the game.

Specifically addressing White Sox catcher James McCann’s round-tripper, Maddon again relied on the E.T. theme to explain.

“It took off,” Maddon said. “You could see it from the field. It gets there [to the outfield] like a UFO. It just took off. It stood still, then took off.”

Maddon of course does not believe an extraterrestrial influence is behind the MLB homer surge, but perhaps he should have a chat with New York Mets rookie phenom Pete Alonso, who had some interesting comments about aliens just recently.

After all, despite the understandable skepticism held by most people regarding extraterrestrials, as “The X-Files” stressed, “The Truth Is Out There.”