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Young fan offers Shohei Ohtani foul ball to nearby Ohtani fan

There have been no shortage of incidents over the years involving baseballs hit into the stands that arguably showcase the worst, most selfish instincts in fans, but what occurred during Tuesday night’s Los Angeles Angels-Toronto Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre certainly highlights the best.

Angels slugger Shohei Ohtani deposited a foul ball into the seats during the fourth inning, and a young fan managed to snag the souvenir. Upon noticing an Ohtani fan sporting a Nippon Ham Fighters jersey a few rows ahead, the young man strolled down and offered it to the man.

While the man declined to take the ball, the gesture without question was a thoughtful one.

Most instances of embarrassing fan conduct involving souvenir balls involve an adult snatching one away from a youngster, though there are certainly redeeming situations where that’s not the case.

In fact, kids are often the ones who show the most generosity when it comes to giving souvenir balls to fellow fans.

In this situation again, the child is the one who demonstrates class and character. Whitney Houston was right: Children are our future. Or at least let’s hope that’s the case.