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Michelle Beadle’s career at ESPN reportedly ‘in peril’

Michelle Beadle’s longstanding status as one of the biggest personalities at ESPN is said to be on shaky ground, according to a report from New York Post media insider Brad Marchand.

Beadle, who has been with ESPN since 2009 save for a two-year stint at NBC from 2012-2013, is not viewed as a team player, something that has left her career at the network “in peril.”

“Her failure to promote the program on outside venues combined with her virtual no-show to the much-hyped morning show ‘Get Up!’ has branded her a bad teammate and put her position in question,” Marchand writes.

Beadle currently serves as host of “Countdown,” ESPN’s flagship NBA pregame show. A report from Sports By Brooks last week suggested Beadle, along with analysts Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups, are headed out the door. ESPN has since denied the report.

Beadle also downplayed the notion that she’s set to get shipped off “Countdown.”

The contracts for Billups and Pierce are set to expire. While ESPN is expected to extend new offers to both former NBA stars, it is believed they will be assigned to other roles with the network.

Beadle currently makes $5 million per year, and while her overall future at ESPN is unclear, it appears that at the very least that the network believes she’s not a good fit on “Countdown” given the show’s disappointing ratings. Yet, Beadle’s apparent shortcomings as a team player may be viewed as detrimental enough that ESPN could ultimately decide to part ways entirely.