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Hawk Harrelson still slamming Wrigley Field in retirement

Hawk Harrelson may have called his last Chicago White Sox game back in 2017, but retirement clearly has not lessened the longtime announcer’s disdain for Wrigley Field.

Harrelson recently slammed the longtime, iconic home of the Chicago Cubs while speaking to reporters, saying in no uncertain terms that Wrigley Field “sucks” ahead of the White Sox-Cubs series at the old ballpark this week.

“You couldn’t give me a $5,000, $10,000 bill to put another foot in that place,” Harrelson said Monday, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I’m telling you what, that place sucks, for the visiting team.”

Harrelson, who has long slammed Wrigley, did allow that the ballpark is a great place for fans, however.

“Now for the fans, it’s great,” Harrelson said. “The venue is great. You can walk from Wrigley all the way downtown if you want, you can walk from downtown to Wrigley. So the venue is beautiful, and once you get on the field it’s great.

“It’s like Fenway [Park], Fenway sucks, it really does. They still got some of the same cracks and holes in the roof there as when I played back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.”

Even with the admission that Wrigley Field has many qualities appealing to fans, most Cubs backers would nevertheless probably opt to borrow one of Harrelson’s iconic one-liners from his lengthy broadcasting career and tell him to “Grab some bench.”