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Brett Favre says he and Aaron Rodgers were ‘strong enemies’ as teammates

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have forged something of a friendship over the years after navigating a tumultuous relationship during their time as teammates on the Green Bay Packers. The Hall of Fame quarterback recently opened up about what happened between himself and Rodgers, admitting that the two were “strong enemies” for some time before reconciling.

Appearing Tuesday on ESPN Wisconsin, Favre said their respective desires to be the man in Green Bay led to a dysfunctional partnership.

“I would say (we were) strong enemies. I wanted to play my tail off, and so did he, especially when we played against each other,” Favre said on the “Wilde And Tausch” show, as transcribed by thought we got along really well when he was a young, 21, 22, 23-year-old, and then we went about our way. Obviously, he has paved his own way and then some. He stands alone in the league today as the best player in my opinion. I’m OK with that.”

Interestingly, Favre once downplayed the notion that he ever felt any animosity for Rodgers, so his recent comments certainly are enlightening.

Much has been made as the years have passed about how neither Favre nor Rodgers gave much an effort to foster a positive relationship. The fact that Rodgers was allowed to blossom once Favre ultimately departed for the New York Jets — and later the Minnesota Vikings — helped the two mend fences.

“Our relationship now is very good, and I’m more happy about that than anything else. I’ve been able to see a different side of him, a non-playing side. I think he’s at a much better place in his life right now, which is great for him, and I think great for the Packers.”

Rodgers once stated he played an integral role in repairing the rift between the Favre and the Packers, a seemingly unlikely reconciliation that ultimately led to the team retiring the legend’s number in 2015.

Time heals all wounds, as it’s said, and it’s clear Favre and Rodgers are in a much better place now, though it obviously wasn’t always that way.