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MLB scout: Tim Tebow has reached career ‘zenith’ in Triple-A

Tim Tebow was always viewed as a long shot to succeed in baseball after beginning his professional career so late, and it sounds like the onetime football star-turned-minor-leaguer has hit the proverbial wall.

An unidentified MLB scout recently spelled out how Tebow has likely achieved as much as he will in baseball, noting how the ballplayer’s struggles at the Triple-A level illustrate as much.

“I just think he’s reached his top, his zenith, as far as Triple-A,” the scout said of Tebow, via the New York Post. “I don’t think he’s a major league player, but I think he works extremely hard and he will run into some fastballs, and when I saw him he was really getting tied up inside and just striking out a lot and not making contact.

“I don’t think this is a show, because Tim Tebow is an athlete and athletes are athletes. He’s strong, he’s got strength and I am not going to take away the fact he is coming off a hamate. If he turns out to be an organizational Double-A or Triple-A player, he’s not the only one who would be that.”

After posting respectable numbers in Double-A ball last season, Tebow’s productivity at the plate has nosedived after being promoted to the Syracuse Mets this year. The 31-year-old is slashing at a .158/.244/.222 clip with only one home run and 14 RBI in 158 plate appearances. Tebow has also struggled to put the ball in play, striking out a whopping 67 times.

It merits noting, as it was by the scout, that Tebow’s ineffectiveness could be somewhat in part due to suffering broken hamate bone he sustained in his right hand last year, an injury that required surgery.

There has been no shortage of agents, scouts and critics who have taken potshots at Tebow ever since he entered minor-league baseball back in 2016 when the Mets took a flier on him. However, Tebow somehow continued to survive, even flourish at times, in the Mets’ farm system.

All that said, Tebow has been viewed by most as more of a baseball-playing novelty as opposed to a legitimate prospect. The Mets continue to show support for the slugger, though it could be that the organization appreciates how Tebow’s presence in the minors — highlighted by his wide appeal and humble personality — significantly boosts attendance and interest as opposed to his true potential.