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John Kruk clearly has no love for the Phillie Phanatic

John Kruk is a Philadelphia Phillies legend, but it’s clear the former MLB slugger is not especially fond of another franchise icon.

Kruk currently does color commentary for Phillies games on NBC Sports Philadelphia, and a run-in early this week with the Phillie Phanatic showcases how the broadcaster has no love whatsoever for the goofy mascot.

During Monday’s coverage of the Phillies’ showdown with the Arizona Diamondbacks at Citizens Bank Park, Kruk mentioned having a hankering for some popcorn. The Phanatic must have caught wind of it, and it was more than happy to help Kruk indulge his popcorn cravings.

The Phanatic, perhaps not surprisingly, opted to serve up some chaos as opposed to simply providing Kruk a salty snack. In other words, skullduggery was on the menu, as the mascot created a huge mess, much to Kruk’s obvious chagrin and dismay.

Kruk could not have made his disdain, possibly even contempt, for the Phillie Phanatic more evident. Further, it’s not the first time Kruk has expressed an unfavorable opinion of the strange-looking, outrageous mascot.

Fair enough.