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Charles Barkley blames Warriors for Kevin Durant’s injury

Kevin Durant suffered a potentially catastrophic injury on Monday night, and Charles Barkley laid the blame squarely on the Golden State Warriors for it.

On the shelf for over a month due to a calf strain, Durant went down with an apparent Achilles injury at the 9:46 point of the second quarter after scoring 11 points in 12 minutes of action as the Warriors staved off elimination with 106-105 Game 5 victory over the Toronto Raptors.

A debate has arisen in the wake of Durant’s devastating injury over whether or not the Warriors rushed Durant back, or at the very least did not do enough to protect Durant from himself. It’s clear Barkley feels the Warriors failed Durant regardless of the specific machinations behind his return.

“You’ve been asking these guys all morning if there’s somebody to blame. Yes, there is somebody to blame: the Golden State Warriors for putting KD out there,” Barkley said during an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Tuesday morning. “Listen, that was not right. If you go back and look at the last two weeks—the article comes out, KD’s worst nightmare that the Warriors are winning without him. Then you come out, you read the articles, the Warriors are really unhappy that KD won’t risk his Achilles, they’re frustrated with KD.

“Now this man has to be feeling some type of way, so I blame the Warriors for KD getting hurt, and I don’t care what they say about it. They shouldn’t have put that man out there. You know how I know it? Because he blew out his Achilles.”

Barkley has been known for calling things as he sees them throughout his media career, so the fact the outspoken NBA on TNT analyst did not pull any punches when weighing in on Durant’s injury is hardly a surprise.

Meanwhile, Durant will undergo an MRI Tuesday that is expected to determine whether or not the superstar suffered a torn Achilles or something less severe. In the meantime and onward, the narrative will continue to be about whether the Warriors did Durant a disservice by allowing him to play.

Given how the team was said to be concerned about winning an NBA title in his absence — not to mention being in a 3-1 hole entering Game 5 — it’s arguably not a good look for Golden State.