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Odell Beckham claims he’s scrutinized unlike any other NFL player

Odell Beckham Jr. has been a lightning rod for criticism throughout his career, and the Cleveland Browns wide receiver believes it’s because the way in which he’s scrutinized is unprecedented in the NFL.

Beckham has created buzz for the Browns since the team acquired him in a trade with the New York Giants, both in good and bad ways. His absences from voluntary OTAs drew considerable criticism and his comments concerning the Browns’ prospects for success, among other things, have been questioned.

The enigmatic wideout on Thursday weighed in on his latest controversy, one that stemmed from how his compliment to Baker Mayfield was characterized by some as a veiled shot at Eli Manning.

When asked Thursday about the accusation he was being critical of Manning, Beckham said such suspicions stem from the level of scrutiny to which he’s subjected.

“I don’t think anybody knows what it’s like to be me, what I go through on a daily basis,” Beckham said, via ESPN. “Like every single thing I have to deal with, that’s something that nobody else I feel like has to deal with. I feel like I’m in a way different position than anybody else in the NFL. I feel like I deal with more. I take more. There’s things I’ve done in the past. But as a man I’ve tried to grow a lot and tried to put a lot of stuff behind me and it’s like it just keeps getting brought up.’”

The argument can be made that some of the damage to Beckham’s reputation is self-inflicted given some of his antics over the years. That said, Beckham claims to be in “a different place” “mentally, physically, spiritually.”

“But I really am trying, deep down inside, to grow and mature and be a man, and I’ve taken big steps to [do] that, so I’m just gonna keep moving forward, keep taking those steps,” Beckham added.

It remains to seen, but perhaps a new start with a new team will ultimately serve Beckham well, but his tenure with the Browns certainly has gotten off to a bumpy start.