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Bill Belichick says ‘nice job’ to Gronk over dented Lombardi Trophy

Rob Gronkowski infamously dented the New England Patriots’ latest Lombardi Trophy earlier this year with some ill-advised antics, and Bill Belichick showcased his usually hidden sense of humor by jokingly giving the retired superstar some grief over it at a recent team event.

The incident in question occurred during the Patriots’ visit to Fenway Park in April to celebrate the team’s Super Bowl LIII victory. Julian Edelman slated to take part in the ceremonial first pitch, wanted to warm up. Gronkowski participated in the warmup tosses by using the trophy as a makeshift bat, with which he outrageously attempted to bunt the baseball.

In a video posted Friday by the Patriots’ official Twitter account, Belichick is shown jokingly saying “nice job” to Gronkowski as the star cradles the dented Lombardi Trophy.

Gronk’s antics involving the trophy of course were a huge story and were emblematic of his outrageous, larger-than-life personality. It’s Belichick actually cracking a joke and smiling, though, is what makes this latest video just as entertaining as the one that showcased Gronk denting the trophy.

After all, it’s always big news whenever the curmudgeonly coach shares a whimsical side of himself to the outside world.