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Adam Silver ‘not surprised’ NBA may see significant superstar movement

The upcoming NBA free agency period is expected to be among the most explosive in recent memory. The belief is a large number of superstar players will end up switching teams, either to escape a bad situation, chase a title or perhaps a bit of both.

Despite the seismic impact such significant superstar movement presumably would have on the league, NBA commissioner Adam Silver isn’t shocked by the likelihood some of the biggest names may be with new teams come the opening of the 2019-20 season.

“NBA players are more like everybody else than people might think,” Silver told Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck. “And they are complicated. There are lots of things that affect them. Money is one of them, opportunity to win championships is part of it, desire to be happy, to create ideal situations for their families, to play in organizations that they feel speak to them. So I’m not surprised.

“Obviously, we’re speculating a lot about moves that players might make,” Silver added.

Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson will be the most sought-after free agents, but there is no shortage of star power and market appeal in the second tier of players.

Massive player movement is almost a certainty given the sheer number — and pedigree — of high-quality free agents hitting the market. It’s clear Silver sees this as a good thing, or at the very least is trying to put the best possible spin on it.