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Mark Cuban praises Jeanie Buss amid Lakers’ dysfunction

Mark Cuban admits he’s “happier” when the Los Angeles Lakers, not to mention every other NBA team, endure hard times, but the Dallas Mavericks owner nevertheless went to bat for Jeanie Buss despite the ongoing dysfunction said to be afflicting the iconic organization.

The issues plaguing the Lakers was recently laid out in excruciating detail in a damning piece from ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. Cuban, however, made sure to point out the mitigating circumstances that impacts Buss’ ability to run the franchise.

“Jeanie is smart,” Cuban told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “I think, not to speak for Jeanie, but the hardest thing for Jeanie has been that it’s family. And so there will be a time when my kids [take over], or not my kids, and I have to make a decision on how to integrate my family and who takes on what role, and that’s not going to be easy.

“So, Jeanie had to balance all that, and that’s a credit to her that she made her decisions. She stuck by them, and she made the tough calls. So, Jeanie gets all the credit in the world. And unless you’re there, it’s really hard to understand. How do you balance the personal issues of a family with what you want to do for an organization? That’s near impossible to make those decisions, and Jeanie had to deal with it, and she did the best she can, so she deserves a ton of credit.”

Cuban joins NBA commissioner Adam Silver among those who have come to the defense of the embattled Lakers controlling owner and governor. Silver recently stated that Buss “knows how to manage a team” and that she and the team’s higher-ups in the front office will “figure it out.”

Buss certainly has made some missteps of late, as spelled out in the bombshell ESPN report, but the way in which Cuban and Silver, among others, have rallied around her speaks volumes to her status in the NBA, not to mention the high regard those in the league still hold for the Lakers organization despite the continued drama.