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Richard Jefferson questions wisdom of LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion

There has been some speculation that Kyrie Irving may be contemplating signing with the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent to reunite with LeBron James.

Richard Jefferson, who was a teammate of both superstars with the Cleveland Cavaliers, believes the two teaming up again might not be the wisest move.

“I think their relationship right now has been as good as it has been since Kyrie left,” Jefferson said on ESPN’s “Get Up!” Tuesday. “It’s kind of like an ex-relationship. We’re good right now, we’re in a good place. Does that mean we want to get back together? No, and I think that’s right where they are. They’re in a good relationship right now, but them getting back together might not be the best idea.”

James and Irving of course enjoyed a successful, albeit tumultuous, partnership while with the Cavs. Irving’s desire to escape James’ shadow, though, was the main impetus to the trade demand that landed the enigmatic guard with the Boston Celtics.

All that said, despite the ugly manner in which their time as teammates ended — not to mention some interesting things Irving had to say once it was over — the rift appeared to have been repaired given how Irving revealed that he called James to apologize for how he conducted himself at times with the Cavs.

Irving is believed to be considering several teams in free agency, including remaining with the Celtics, though many insiders suspect that is a long shot. Another rumor is that Irving is interested in joining forces in New York with one of his pals, although Irving’s mercurial nature makes his future anyone’s guess at this point.