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Mets fans to destroy Tom Brady jerseys over ‘Tom Terrific’ trademark filing

New York Mets fans are in a huff over a recent filing by representatives of Tom Brady to trademark “Tom Terrific,” and now a rally has been planned during which jerseys of the New England Patriots superstar will be destroyed.

It was learned last week that Teb Capital Management had filed a trademark request for the “Tom Terrific” moniker, a nickname the Mets and their fans believe ought to be reserved solely for the legendary Tom Seaver.

A rally that will be held outside Sojourn restaurant on the Upper East Side on Tuesday will allow Mets fans to express their ire over the trademark gambit by trashing any and all Brady-related memorabilia brought to the event.

“He already won six Super Bowl rings and he wants to literally take Tom Terrific name away from the New York Mets which I’m a diehard fan of,” Sojourn owner Sammy Musovit said, via the New York Post. “I was crushed.”

The Mets previously weighed in on the perceived slight to Seaver by way of social media. On Monday, the team issued a tweet in which the Mets icon is declared the “only” Tom Terrific from their perspective.

Art Shamsky, a onetime Seaver teammate and regular at the restaurant where the rally will be held, is expected to attend alongside 50-100 supporters on Tuesday afternoon, according to Musovit.

“He’s not original terrific,” Musovit said of Brady. “That’s Tom Seaver. He’s stealing the name. It’s a low blow.”

Seaver, 74,  was revealed earlier this season to have been diagnosed with dementia and as a result retired from public life. The Mets intend to honor the icon in several ways as well as pay tribute to him when the organization celebrates the 50th anniversary of its 1969 World Series-winning squad later this summer.