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Kyrie Irving’s cryptic Instagram post spawns Celtics speculation

The general consensus in the NBA is that Kyrie Irving will likely leave the Boston Celtics in free agency, but a recent social media dispatch from the point guard has inspired speculation that may not be the case.

Irving recently shared an Instagram story in which he’s showcasing a pair of Nike Kyrie 5s. In the video, Irving mentions that Larry Bird, of course a Celtics legend, told him to “be true.”

The fact Irving name-dropped Bird, not to mention how the “Be True” graphic over the footage is in Green, has led some quasi-conspiracy theorists among Celtics fans to infer that the superstar is hinting at a return to Boston.

While that may be a stretch — especially coming from a player as enigmatic as Irving — people tend to love reading the social media tea leaves when it comes to the comings and goings and futures of NBA stars.

The prevailing belief, as noted, is that Irving will seek out new horizons and leave the Celtics after a tumultuous season during which Irving himself seemed to cause most of the drama. The manner in which the Celtics’ season ended in postseason disappointment did not help matters, either.

The prevailing rumors suggest Irving may join forces with one of his best NBA pals in New York or potentially reunite with a superstar former teammate out in L.A.

Still, with a player as mercurial as Irving who tends to enjoy getting people riled up with his social media musings and actions, the cryptic IG post is perhaps nothing more than a case of trolling.