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Iowa Little Leaguers warm up despite visible tornado nearby

A team of Iowa little leaguers continued warming up ahead of a game this week despite the frightening presence of a tornado looming in the background of the ball field.

Stunning footage taken by a parent of one of the players shows the team of fifth- and sixth-graders in Montezuma, Iowa, seemingly ignoring the twister in the background.

Jamie Brennan, the parent who shot the video, indicated there was no moment where she felt unsafe and that the tornado quickly moved on away from the field.

“The tornado appeared very quickly and also disappeared fairly quickly as well,” Brennan told the Des Moines Register. “The game before ours was canceled due to potential tornadoes. By the time it was our turn, everyone thought the storm had passed. When they were warming up, it was clear outside — there was no lightning, rain, wind or anything.”

The belief is that appropriate safety measures would have been taken had the tornado headed in the direction of the field, but that does not make the footage shot any less unsettling.