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LeBron James says candles connect him to ‘energy of the universe’

LeBron James recently admitted to having an infatuation with candles, and his explanation for it showcases a metaphysical, new-age side to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s personality.

James addressed his love of candles in an interview with GQ, saying he specifically requires their calming, therapeutic influence when traveling.

“I have to light a candle in my room on every road trip while I’m in my room. It has a lot to do with the energy of the universe. I’m very high on that — I actually get that from my wife.

“But I also just love the smell of candles. You know, hotel rooms can have a stagnant smell. I think a candle gives it a fresher smell. I can bring some home with me, it makes me very comfortable. So the energy, the essence, behind a candle, and also the smell quality of just keeping me as comfortable away as I am when I’m home.”

It goes without saying that James would be well advised to utilize the relaxing and restorative benefits of candles as he presumably watches in horror as the Lakers collapse further and further into utter dysfunction, as laid out in a bombshell ESPN report.

James is by no means alone when it comes to appreciating the creature comforts of candles, which explains why the superstar cannot leave home without them. When that does occur, though, James singled out the Four Seasons as having a gift shop stocked with suitable replacements.

All that said, the fact that James is garnering headlines, in a manner of speaking, over his affinity for candles when the NBA Finals tip off on Thursday night speaks volumes. After all, it’s been nine years since James sat on the sidelines while two teams battle it out for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, something that was the source of some hijinks out of DeMarcus Cousins earlier in the week.