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Klay Thompson: Raptors fans once gave him the ‘nicest heckle ever’

Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors will start the NBA Finals on the road when Game 1 against the Toronto Raptors tips off Thursday night at Scotiabank Arena. While the Warriors may be entering enemy territory, as it were, Thompson made some comments that suggest Toronto’s home court may not be among the most hostile environments in the league.

During an interview this week with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Thompson opined that so-called hecklers did not exactly bring it on at least one occasion when the Warriors visited Toronto, at least when compared to more vitriolic fan bases elsewhere in the NBA.

“I’m excited. I know Canada always brings the energy especially for hockey but it’s turned into a basketball city now,” Thompson said when speaking of a run-in he had with Raptors fans in a hotel.

“I mean it was the nicest heckle ever. It was like a ‘Boo, I hope you have a terrible day.’ It wasn’t, no cuss words or nothing so I appreciate that. I appreciate the respect. Thank you, Canada.”

Canadians do have a reputation for being hospitable, but Thompson arguably poked the bear by calling out Raptors fans for the congenial kindness. Maybe those fans packed inside Scotiabank Arena for Games 1 and 2 will let Thompson and the Warriors have it just to let the visitors know it’s not always a treat to visit Toronto.

Then again, the Raptors fan base is headed by the boisterous and trash-talking Drake, whose antics during games border on the obnoxious in the perspective of many. Thompson already has weighed on the Drake quotient ahead of the Finals, and there’s no doubt the musician will do everything he can to whip Raptors fans up into a frenzy.