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Klay Thompson wanted All-NBA nod ‘so badly’ to help build his résumé

Klay Thompson did not hide his disappointment upon learning that he failed to receive All-NBA honors last week, and the Golden State Warriors star recently explained some of the reasons behind his dejection.

Thompson was the second-listed guard who missed out on landing on the All-NBA Third Team, and he says he sought All-NBA honors to help further legitimize the perception he’s among the top guards in the league.

“The money’s nice, but I’m just trying to build a résumé,” Thompson said, via ESPN. “And I see some other guys who played my position growing up, you know, the Ray Allens, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin — I try to be in that mold. They made, you know, three, four All-NBA teams — I’m trying to get to that level. And it didn’t happen this year, but hopefully, go to another Finals next year and it might happen then. But I just wanted to make that team so badly just because it’s a huge honor thing, you know. Being recognized as a top-15 player in the best basketball league in the world, that’s amazing. But like I said before, the opportunity to win a championship is greater.”

As noted, Thompson was clearly upset over missing out on being named to an All-NBA team when informed by a reporter last week.

What makes Thompson’s comments this week so intriguing, though, is how he stressed the desire to “build a résumé,” which of course would come in helpful as the sharpshooter stands to enter the free agency pool this coming offseason.

Much was made earlier this month about Thompson’s reported unhappiness playing third- or fourth-wheel on the superstar-heavy Warriors and how that may inspire him to seek other options. Heblasted any such notion immediately, and the belief as recently as January was that the star would remain with the Warriors despite plenty of interest elsewhere.

Thompson obviously has bigger things to worry about with Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, but the All-NBA snub clearly remains on his mind.