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DeMarcus Cousins blasts media for overplaying LeBron gag

DeMarcus Cousins has accused the media of sensationalizing a comedy bit involving him signing a “Wish You Were Here” card for LeBron James ahead of the showdown between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals.

The situation causing all the fuss stemmed from Cousins participating in a routine for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” involving Guillermo, the show’s sidekick who is known for causing comedy mayhem at NBA events with silly bits and the like.

Cousins took part by signing a card for James during NBA Finals Media Day in which the message “Wish You Were Here” was imparted to the Los Angeles Lakers star over him missing out on the championship series for the first time in nine seasons.

Cousins must have caught word — or at least inferred — that the media was overplaying the gag by taking a taunt clearly made in jest far too seriously. The Warriors star took to Twitter Wednesday night to take issue with what he perceived as an overreaction to the joke.

“Aye miss me with the bulls–t,” Cousins tweeted. “The signed card was part of a playful Jimmy Kimmel interview. To try to make a story out of that is just flat out reaching at this point. Nothing but respect for LBJ.”

Cousins went on to single out Bleacher Report and ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, admonishing them by suggesting both should “have a little more honor in your work.”

Cousins’ beef with the media is an interesting aside ahead of a Finals packed with intriguing storylines, one of which involves the Warriors star’s potential availability in Thursday night’s Game 1. Still, it’s somewhat surprising that Cousins felt the need to take issue with a few media members’ reaction to his part in a comedy routine.