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White Sox share pic snapped by photog before plunking by awful first pitch

A photographer who was inexplicably plunked by an atrocious ceremonial first pitch ahead of Tuesday’s Chicago White Sox-Kansas City Royals matchup at Guaranteed Rate Field insists both he and his camera are “OK” in the wake of the comical scene.

Still, that does not mean he was not left “shocked” by the baffling manner in which things played out.

White Sox team photographer Darren Georgia was standing near the mound when a still-unidentified team employee stood on the mound ahead of her first pitch. What transpired next practically defied all odds, as the woman held on to the ball a bit too long and uncorked a wild throw that drilled Georgia and his camera.

Georgia later revealed he was able to snap a pic moments before arguably one of the worst ceremonial first pitches of all time was tossed in his direction. The White Sox subsequently posted an image of the photograph Georgia snapped.

“I honestly didn’t even see it coming,” George said during NBC Sports’ broadcast of the game, via ESPN. “I took the photo, and it just hit the camera. It didn’t hit my head. The camera’s OK. I’m OK. But just shocked.”

As noted, the White Sox employee has yet to be identified, presumably in part to save her some added embarrassment due to the nature of her first-pitch exploits.

All that said, when one joins the pantheon of unfortunate individuals who have tossed awful ceremonial first pitches — a group infamously led by 50 Cent — remaining relatively anonymous — at least until someone IDs her — may be the best possible outcome, albeit temporarily.