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No dad bod this offseason: Tom Brady shares beach workout pics

Tom Brady was the target of some unflattering jeers last offseason due to pics that surfaced online depicting the New England Patriots quarterback rocking what some referred to as a “dad bod” during a beach excursion.

Let’s just say Brady won’t be subjected to any mock and ridicule this offseason thanks to a batch of beach photos he recently shared.

Brady took to Twitter this week to post some photographs from a recent beach workout. Suffice to say, the 41-year-old Patriots signal-caller appears to be in peak physical condition and primed to embark upon his 20th NFL season.

Brady’s tweet follows another one issued over the weekend in which he is shown working out with Julian Edelman and 2019 first-round pick N’Keal Harry. Edelman’s daughter, Lily Rose, also was at the workout.

As noted, Brady was accused of sporting a “dad bod” last offseason in pics where he’s shown strolling on a beach alongside wife Gisele Bundchen. The case can be made that those photos did not depict Brady in the best of shape, but who’s going to argue with how he played in 2018 on the way to yet another Super Bowl title?

Further, Brady is known for his rigid focus on physical fitness and training, not to mention a near-maniacal commitment to an incredibly restrictive diet, both components of his TB12 program. There’s no chance Brady would enter a season out of shape by any stretch.

It merits noting, though, that Brady has admitted to indulging himself from time to time in the past, but it’s rare. That of course means that the most decadent thing Brady usually allows himself is his unique treat of choice. Perhaps that’s what spawned his less-than-Adonis-like form last offseason, but that’s clearly not the case heading into the 2019 campaign.