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Adam Silver: Lakers will ‘figure it out’ despite damning report

NBA commissioner Adam Silver expressed complete confidence in the Los Angeles Lakers’ ability to get things back on track in the wake of a damning bombshell report that documented widespread organizational dysfunction.

Appearing Wednesday morning on ESPN’s “Get Up!” program, Silver reacted to the in-depth reporting from Baxter Holmes that portrayed the Lakers in a wholly unflattering light. Despite the embarrassing details, Silver stated that Lakers co-owner and CEO Jeanie Buss will be able to reverse the apparent downward spiral in which the team finds itself.

“I know Jeanie knows how to manage a team,” Silver said, via ESPN. “Sure, when things start to go wrong, a lot of fingers get pointed. But they’ll figure it out.”

One of the biggest nuggets gleaned from Holmes’ reporting is how Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent, approached Silver to complain about Luke Walton being the Lakers’ head coach. Silver downplayed the arguable awkwardness of that interaction as well.

“He was in the same restaurant,” Silver said. “There were two people sitting there. He sat down for a second, and I think he said something along the lines that ‘Luke Walton is not the right guy to coach LeBron.’

“My reaction was to shrug my shoulders and maybe say, ‘Well, who do you think is the right guy to coach?’ And he mentioned a name and that was that. I think as commissioner, I don’t want to shut people off who have a point of view.”

It’s obviously a bad spot for the NBA when one of the league’s marquee and iconic franchises is said to be so grossly plagued by organizational infighting and ineptitude. Silver of course would prefer that not to be the case, and all he and league can reasonably hope for is that the Lakers pull out of their tailspin and get things headed back in the right direction.