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Pat Shurmur has odd way to describe inner fire of Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur recently addressed the similarly stoic outward appearances of quarterbacks Eli Manning and Daniel Jones and how it masks their respective inner competitive spirits. While the comments were intended to be complimentary, how Shurmur oddly phrased the praise is sure to elicit snarky reactions on the internet.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Shurmur addressed how both Manning and Jones have a fiery inner drive that belies their more calm and measured demeanor. It’s just that Shurmur described it as how both quarterbacks are “fiery under the covers.”

“They’re very calm in their approach, but they’re very fiery under the covers,” Shurmur said. “… They’re both very fiery about making sure things are done properly.”

An interesting turn of phrase, to say the least, and it appears Shurmur quickly realized as much given the brief pause following the amusingly worded observation.

Much was made last week about how Jones looked practically like a clone of Manning during OTAs, something that inspired a round of witty observations on social media.

Both Jones and Manning are navigating an uncomfortable situation given how the former is the latter’s heir apparent. It’s arguably possible that a few ghastly games out of Manning could be the impetus to the two switching spots on the depth chart, though the Giants appear committed to the veteran quarterback for at least the upcoming season, if not longer.

That said, the two quarterbacks have been doing and saying all the right things ahead of the 2019 season. Perhaps the fact that both signal-callers are cool as cucumbers on the outside but “fiery under the covers” helps explain their respective practical approaches.