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Kristaps Porzingis cleared by Mavs after investigation into fight in Latvia

The Dallas Mavericks have cleared Kristaps Porzingis of any wrongdoing after an investigation into his role in a bar fight earlier this month in the 23-year-old’s native Latvia, according to a report from The Dallas Morning News.

The Mavericks spoke extensively with Porzingis — who returned to Dallas earlier this week — during the investigation into the incident. The team reportedly came away with the conclusion that the superstar was simply the victim of being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The brawl occurred on May 12 outside a bar in Porzingis’ hometown of Liepaja, Latvia. Footage ultimately surfaced showing Porzingis bloodied and angry after he was allegedly jumped by several suspected Russian gang members who were said to be upset that Porzingis “changed teams” last season, a reference to the trade the shipped him from the Knicks to the Mavs.

Subsequent reporting speculated Porzingis may have broken a hand during the fight, but a source told The Dallas Morning News that is not the case and both of his hands are fine, though he was spotted with his right hand/wrist area in a cast.

Interestingly, the news of the conclusion reached in the Mavs’ investigation into the matter comes along with a report indicating a “Whatsapp” voice message was leaked in which Porzingis describes the incident.

“S–t was messed up, some dudes started coming at me… they punched me and then I started punching them back, then things settled down for a bit, two of my guys got knocked out straight away,” Porzingis allegedly states in the voicemail, per 247 Sports. “Those dudes were from some local gang. Then this guy threw a chair at me and hit me in the head and caught one my guys as well, bunch of chairs were thrown, then I caught one them and got him real good, f—-d him and his face up then someone pushed me off of him and as I was getting up, one of them got me pretty good in the head and that’s why my head was bleeding a bit, but otherwise I’m fine. I f—-d up my hand a bit, but I’ll be good.”

The NBA still has the option of levying a punishment on Porzingis, as TMZ notes, but it’s unclear what the league has done or how it will proceed in light of the Mavericks’ investigation.