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Derek Carr praises Antonio Brown: ‘Greatest worker I’ve ever seen’

Antonio Brown appears to be making a phenomenal impression on Derek Carr, as the Oakland Raiders quarterback recently raved about his new teammate.

Brown of course brings a significant amount of baggage along with him in the wake of his contentious split with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Carr, however, has a completely different perspective on the enigmatic wide receiver.

“Since [Brown was traded to Oakland], we’ve spent more time together than I remember even spending with a lot of my teammates, and I spend a lot of time with my teammates,” Carr said during an appearance this week on SiriusXM, via The Athletic. “He’s at my house, he’s coming to my kid’s birthday parties, he is coming to throw with me every day whenever I need him. He’s flying out whenever I say, ‘Hey man, are you in town?’ He’ll say, ‘Yes,’ and show up the next day.

“He’s the greatest worker I’ve ever seen in my life, and I do not throw that around loosely. All of our teammates love him. He just gets along with everybody.”

Brown made some waves earlier this week by being a no-show at a Raiders OTA session, but has since made an appearance alongside his teammates at practice. The wideout took to Twitter Wednesday to highlight how he and Carr are not only building chemistry away from the field but on it as well.

Brown seems to be making considerable progress in ingratiating himself to his new teammates. Perhaps a change of scenery was all Brown needed, although it would not come as a shock for him to display diva-like tendencies from time to time. He is a wide receiver after all.