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Sean McVay admits to ‘a lot of drinking’ to cope with Super Bowl loss

The Los Angeles Rams failed to put on a performance the team expected or obviously desired in an underwhelming 13-3 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Sean McVay partook in some self-medicating to get over the disappointing defeat.

The Rams head coach addressed the immediate fallout from the listless loss to the Patriots during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast this week, during which he admitted to doing “a lot of drinking” during those first dark days.

McVay also addressed how he feels he may have over-prepared for the Super Bowl, which isn’t the first time he has admitted to making that mistake.

“When you look at those couple of weeks, there’s an element of you want to work hard, but you also want to work smart,” McVay said. “You can have so many different things and not be mindful of the progression of the season. You think about just there’s usually about a four- to six-game span you’re on while still being mindful of situations. And then you’ve got two weeks and you don’t want to short yourself.”

McVay obviously is not the first coach to square off with Bill Belichick in a Super Bowl and come out of the game wondering why things ended in such disappointing fashion. Still, the “paralysis by analysis” angle certainly is an intriguing one to pin the loss on given how Belichick is unparalleled in that regard.

All that said, how McVay temporarily drowned his sorrows after such a devastating loss in such a huge game arguably is an understandable course of action, so long as it was only a short-term bout with binging.