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Antonio Brown absent from Raiders OTAs amid ‘Let’s get back to work’ tweet

Antonio Brown was noticeably absent from the Oakland Raiders’ OTA session on Tuesday, which arguably contradicts the message the enigmatic wide receiver relayed on Twitter a day earlier.

Brown of course remains embroiled in an arguably unnecessary, ongoing and antagonistic divorce with the Pittsburgh Steelers, an ugly situation that came to a head on Monday in the wake of Ben Roethlisberger’s apology over his conduct concerning Brown over the years.

Brown replied on Twitter with a cryptic “Two face” message which presumably was a shot at Big Ben. In light of his absence from Tuesday’s OTA session, however, another social media dispatch from Brown should be highlighted.

On Monday afternoon, Brown tweeted out a message that seemingly indicates he would be attending Tuesday’s OTAs.

It merits noting that attendance at OTAs is on a voluntary basis, but Brown’s absence is particularly notable given what has already transpired this week with the Roethlisberger situation.

It is assumed the Raiders will downplay his absence given the team has little recourse to do anything else. That said, Brown has been around team facilities since being acquired, so his absence was glaring.

Interestingly, Brown skipped out on voluntary workouts with the Steelers last offseason. He explained his absence on “pressure” from the media.

“I can’t go nowhere and work out by myself, fans come meet me at the field — I can’t do nothing normal. You guys write about me every day,” Brown said last June. “I started to think to myself, am I really free?”

It will be interesting to see how Brown explains Tuesday’s no-show.