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Noah Syndergaard blasts Mickey Callaway job security rumors

Mickey Callaway is believed to be on the hot seat, and Noah Sydergaard finds it ridiculous that such rumors are swirling around the New York Mets manager.

The Mets, losers of five straight, have stumbled out of the gate with a disappointing 20-25 start, but Syndergaard doesn’t believe cutting Callaway loose will help matters, nor does he think it’s fair the skipper is facing questions related to his uncertain job security.

“I respect the hell out of Mickey,” Syndergaard said following Sunday’s 3-0 loss that sealed a three-game sweep to the MLB-worst Miami Marlins, via the New York Post. “Mickey has tremendous leadership values. I think it’s bulls— what’s going on with this speculation there could be a change because we’re so early in the season — we’re a very small step away from putting this all together.”

Syndergaard reinforced how it’s far too early to give up on the season by making note of how the Mets rebounded after a rough start in 2015.

“I think we have dug ourselves into a little bit of a hole,” Syndergaard said. “Before anybody starts pressing the panic button, I just think everybody should be reminded of where we were in 2015.”

That Mets squad ultimately won the NL East and parlayed the division title into an appearance in the World Series, albeit in a five-game loss to the Kansas City Royals.

Callaway has downplayed the speculation surrounding his seemingly tenuous hold on his job.

“As a leader, you can’t ever worry about yourself. I’m here,” Callaway said Saturday.

Mets management, meanwhile, appeared to give Callaway a vote of confidence last week, though their perspective could change in an instant. General manager Brodie Van Wagenen, along with COO Jeff Wilpon, insisted the front office continues to support the embattled manager after meeting with Callaway.

All that said, if the Mets cannot figure out a way to get things turned around, the job security rumors surrounding Callaway may end up being more than just mere speculation.