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Twins top prospect thrown at for doing push-ups after double

Royce Lewis, the Minnesota Twins’ top prospect, became the latest victim of the so-called unwritten rules of baseball when he was thrown over some earlier on-field antics.

Lewis, currently playing for the Fort Myers Miracle, the Twins’ Class A Advanced Minor League Baseball affiliate, hit a double during Thursday’s game. After reaching second base, Lewis engaged in some impromptu push-ups on the bag, something that aggravated the Bradenton Marauders, a Pittsburgh Pirates minor-league affiliate.

During his next at-bat, Bradenton pitcher Gavin Wallace made it obvious that he was looking for revenge by throwing a pitch behind Lewis.

It’s unclear exactly what motivate Lewis to do the push-ups in the first place, as noted by

Opinions differed on the reasons behind Lewis’ pushups; a Bradenton broadcaster stated that Lewis was “hot dogging” at second base, while Fort Myers’ official Twitter speculated he might have been “punishing” himself for not hitting the ball farther.

As noted, and to no surprise, the Bradenton broadcaster had an unflattering view of White’s calisthenics while also defending the retaliation, justifying that take by saying Wallace “didn’t throw it at Lewis, he threw it behind him. That’s how you take care of it without getting ejected.”

The problem was Wallace was quickly ejected by the home plate umpire, so that argument was immediately rendered moot.

In the end, the incident involving Lewis is yet another example of how the unwritten rules continue to be a hot, if annoying, topic in baseball, even if no one can agree upon what they are, nor how they should be enforced.