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Pete Alonso would take part in Home Run Derby despite potential risks

Pete Alonso has rewarded the New York Mets’ faith in him with an outstanding start to his MLB career.

The power-hitting super-prospect’s rookie season so far has been a resounding success. Alonso — currently tied for third in the National League with 12 homers — said he would be “honored” to take part in the Home Run Derby this season if his early success made him lucky enough to receive an invite.

“I would love to do it,” Alonso said Tuesday, via the New York Post’s Mike Puma. “I think that would be fun, a real amazing thing to do, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I would be honored to do it for sure.”

“It’s fun to watch, it’s a real great atmosphere, and I just think it would be a real fun time,” he added. “Not just for the guys on the field, but for the fans as well. It would be an amazing experience for sure. I hope somebody picks me. That would be really cool.”

Alonso’s interest in participating in the league’s annual longball showcase at the All-Star Game comes amid increasingly compelling anecdotal evidence that doing so can have a negative impact upon a slugger’s season.

One needn’t look any further than Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees slugger who struggled mightily after winning the Home Run Derby during his rookie season in 2017. Some believe Judge may have even injured himself in the process. Judge has since stated on numerous occasions he has no interest whatsoever in competing in the event again.

Alonso indicated he had no knowledge of the supposed fallout from Judge’s appearance in the Derby, but added it does not change his perspective in competing in the skills event should an offer be extended.

“I don’t know if he did or didn’t,” Alonso said. “But I think it’s one of those things if you have a chance to do it and you haven’t done it before, why not do it? You only live once.”