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Knicks fan loses big time with Zion Williamson-themed tattoo

The New York Knicks organization saw their best-laid plans blow up in their faces by missing out on securing the top pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and the opportunity to select Zion Williamson.

One Knicks fan, sadly, is now stained, perhaps permanently, in the wake of the team’s disappointing experience at the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.

The Knicks, despite having the worst record last season, walked away from Tuesday night’s draft lottery with the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft. Knicks fans to a person — not to mention ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith — were left devastated over how the lottery played out for the team.

The sad realization that the Williamson dream was not to be tainted an otherwise promising offseason for the Knicks. Instead of the team landing the consensus top pick, Williamson will instead be there for the taking for the lottery-winning New Orleans Pelicans.

One evidently overconfident Knicks fan, arguably ignoring the long-suffering organization’s run of dysfunction and rotten luck, decided to tempt fate ahead of the lottery by getting inked with a Williamson-themed tattoo which featured “ZION” replacing “KNICKS” in the team’s logo.

Hindsight is always 20/20, it is said, and the preemptive inked celebration anticipating that Williamson would be in a Knicks uniform next season now appears nothing more than a foolish move, albeit one inspired by hope that the team would somehow be the beneficiary of some good fortune for once.

The occasions when tattoos, predictions and sports intersect are always amusing. That said, predictive tattoos can be seriously risky business. Just ask this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy and this guy, as their respective boastful tattoo predictions didn’t pan out for them at all.

The same can now be said about this Knicks fan, one who saw their optimism quickly thwarted thanks to the random and unpredictable bouncing of a bunch of ping pong balls.