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Director of Tom Brady, Steph Curry docs shares stars’ similar traits

Tom Brady and Steph Curry are among the most successful, not to mention famous, professional athletes in the world, and the filmmaker behind documentaries on the two superstars recently highlighted how they share similar qualities.

Filmmaker Gotham Chopra, who directed the Facebook documentaries “Tom vs Time” and “Stephen vs The Game,” addressed the qualities possessed by both Brady and Curry and how those traits intrinsically contributed to their respective successes.

“They’re very different, as a lot of these guys are, just in terms of personality and background,” Chopra said in an interview with the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn. “But there are definitely similarities that have contributed to the incredible success they have had — they’re detail-oriented, passionate about what they do, they are disciplined in terms of training, preparation and focus, almost maniacal, that sort of stuff that not all great athletes maintain.”

Both Brady and Curry, who enjoy mutual respect, began their professional careers lacking the fanfare in hindsight should have been generated. That said, Brady, courtesy of being the 199th pick in the sixth round of 2000 NFL Draft faced even longer odds of enjoying long-term success when compared to Curry, who was the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Still, the skepticism both players faced fueled their desires to overcome the odds and prove naysayers wrong.

“They turn doubt into fuel,” Chopra said. “They’ve both become institutions, but that gives them extra motivation. They don’t want to give up the mountaintop. (Warriors coach) Steve Kerr in one of the episodes talks about how maintaining greatness is way harder than achieving greatness because when you’re at the top everyone is coming at you, or teammates start fighting to share credit, or money becomes an issue. Managing all of that is harder than being the outsider or underdog trying to get that first chip.”

After the success of “Tom vs. Time,” Chopra made several astute observations about the subject of his documentary. It will be interesting to see whether he does the same in the wake of the “Stephen vs The Game” release.