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CJ McCollum not using Kevin Durant’s offseason Blazers dig as motivation

Kevin Durant has been on the receiving end of some blowback heading into the Western Conference Finals over some unflattering offseason comments made to CJ McCollum about the Portland Trail Blazers.

McCollum, however, insists he’s not using Durant’s chatter as motivation heading into Tuesday night’s Game 1 showdown.

Durant made the remarks in question during an appearance on McCollum’s Pull Up podcast last summer, in which he said Portland “wasn’t going to win a championship” and the Blazers star should not “worry about what goes on at the top of things.”

When asked Monday about the situation, McCollum downplayed the significance of Durant’s offseason questioning of the Blazers’ pedigree.

“Past is the past man,” McCollum said Monday at his Western Conference finals media availability, via NBC Sports Northwest. “I think it’s funny. Obviously, you don’t think that’s going to be relevant at the time.

“You know, when it’s summertime and you’re in a hotel room joking around, and then it happens. It’s a nice soundbite. I hope you’re subscribing to my podcast. You know what I’m saying? If you’re going to use the soundbite, I hope you actually subscribe to the Pull Up podcast. But hey, that’s dumb. Don’t nobody get no extra motivation for the Western Conference finals. If you need to listen to some stuff then you got some serious issues.”

Durant’s appearance on the podcast was nothing more than a freewheeling discussion between two friends. Durant, though, later had a social media meltdown over the appearance, and later claimed the media was “trying to make me look crazy” with its coverage.

That said, McCollum made some untoward comments of his own about the Warriors ahead of this past season, saying it was “disgusting” when players conspire to create super-teams.

Odds are McCollum, fresh off a heroic 37-point performance in Game 7 against the Nuggets to help punch the Blazers’ ticket to the West finals, and Durant, out for at least Game 1 with a calf injury, will avoid any additional banter about last summer and instead focus on the task at hand.