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White House statement hails ‘World Cup Series Champion’ Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox were honored at the White House on Thursday by President Donald Trump, but a few gaffes by those working behind the scenes proved to be comical distractions to an otherwise distinguished affair.

In an official White House statement, the World Series champion Red Sox were hailed as the “World Cup Series Champion,” which causes one to envision the team as some kind of baseball-playing soccer team mashup or something.

Politico’s Jake Sherman was among the myriad media members to take notice of the amusing misidentification of the major league ball club.

At least the Red Sox’s official Twitter account got things right.

The “2018 World Cup Series Champions” mistake was not even the first “derp” of the day for the White House. Earlier Thursday, an “Upcoming Events” statement issued by the White House referred to the Red Sox as the “Red Socks,” as noted by the Boston Globe’s Steve Annear, among countless others.

Adding to the theater of the absurd was the following exchange that occurred during the ceremony.

In other words, things got all sorts of awkward before, during and after the White House ceremony. Much has been made of how the Red Sox’s visit to D.C. proved to be a polarizing issue that divided the clubhouse in many respects, as manager Alex Cora led a sizable contingent from the organization who declined to attend the ceremony.

Perhaps the Red Sox can resolve those issues by collectively coming together to have a nice chuckle over being called the “Red Socks” and hailed as the “2018 World Cup Series Champion.” It’s something.