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‘Recent sense in Warriors circles’ that Kevin Durant may stay

It was long been believed to be a foregone conclusion that Kevin Durant would leave the Golden State Warriors after the season to forge his own path, with the prevailing belief being the superstar will ultimately sign with the New York Knicks. Now comes word that the certainty of Durant’s exodus may not be as inevitable as widely expected.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, there is now a belief within “Warriors circles” that Durant may find the appeal of remaining with a perennial championship contender too tempting to ignore.

Team officials and rival executives alike have been predicting Kevin Durant’s departure in free agency for months now – cue Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, “New York…concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” But there’s a recent sense in Warriors circles that maybe he’ll think twice about joining them on this trek across the Bay Bridge, that this recent stretch of domination and fan appreciation might be the kind of thing that convinces him to – cue LeBron James’ personal motto that hasn’t exactly panned out in Laker Land – RWTW (Roll With The Winners).

Buzzword-worthy phrases such as “done deal” and “just a matter of putting pen to paper” have been ascribed to Durant’s certain departure from the Warriors. However, this latest speculation echoes what Marcus Thompson II, the Bay Area lead columnist for The Athletic and author of “KD: Kevin Durant’s Relentless Pursuit to Be The Greatest,” had to say about the superstar’s uncertain future in the coming offseason.

Plenty of things can happen between now and when Durant — currently sidelined with a calf injury and out for at least the remainder of the Warriors’ Western Conference semifinal showdown with the Rockets — ultimately has to make a definitive decision regarding his future. It’s arguably possible another championship — which would make for a three-peat with Durant on the squad — will entice the superstar to remain in the Bay Area.

Then again, given Durant’s mercurial nature, no one really knows how things will play out this coming offseason, perhaps not even Durant himself.