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Watch: Pigeon drilled by screaming liner at H.S. baseball game

A high school baseball game was the scene of a pretty disturbing sight when a pigeon sitting in the infield was drilled by a scorching line dive.

It was only an instant before the batted ball struck the hapless pigeon, and the groan-filled reaction by the crowd pretty much explains all that needs to be said about the shocking scene.

There is scant information at this time about where this incident took place, nor is there any word on the pigeon’s fate. Sadly, odds are the bird has shuffled off this mortal coil, as there’s little chance it could have survived such a brutal impact.

As always, any time such an incident occurs that involves a bird suffering a cruel fate during a baseball game, memories are conjured up of Randy Johnson infamously drilling a bird with a pitch in stupefyingly stunning fashion.

Much like Johnson’s avian victim, it has to be assumed — and hoped — that the poor pigeon’s anticipated death was quick and painless.