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Dennis Rodman denies role in alleged yoga studio burglary

Dennis Rodman vehemently denies being an accomplice or ringleader in an alleged burglary at a yoga studio earlier this week, telling TMZ Sports, “We didn’t steal s–t!”

The owner of VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach, Calif., accuses Rodman of being involved in the alleged burglary, during which approximately $500 in clothing — not to mention a crystal art piece broken by the alleged perpetrators during the theft worth approximately $2,500 — were stolen.

“They gave us the clothes,” Rodman insists.

Rodman accuses the yoga studio owner of making the allegations for “publicity” and “exposure.” He also denies being intoxicated, though staffers say Rodman, his three alleged accomplices — two women and a man — reeked of alcohol.

Footage from a surveillance camera obtained by TMZ seemingly points to some kind of crime taking place, but Rodman insists it’s all a misunderstanding.

“He said, ‘Dennis, get anything you want,’” Rodman told KCBS-TV News in an exclusive interview. “I said, ‘OK, great.’”

The yoga studio owner has since indicated that police were contacted and a theft report was filed. The Newport Beach Police Department declined comment, as did Rodman’s attorney.

Rodman is currently on probation stemming from a drunk driving arrest in January 2018, and this incident could prove troublesome for the eccentric ex-NBA star, though he’s not concerned over it.

“Am I going to jail? No,” Rodman said.