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Will LeBron James remain patient with Lakers in wake of Ty Lue fiasco?

An already dramatic Los Angeles Lakers’ offseason devolved into total chaos this week thanks to the organization’s bungled effort to hire its next head coach.

The latest development in the fiasco involved Tyronn Lue stunningly spurning the Lakers despite being the assumed front-runner, if not the only legitimately considered candidate.

The question now is how long until LeBron James loses patience amid the Lakers’ persistent, ongoing dysfunction?

Interestingly, there are rumors that individuals close to Lakers co-owner and CEO Jeanie Buss are urging her to deal James. The veracity of the reporting notwithstanding, James’ feelings about the Lakers bungling the Lue situation must leave the superstar exasperated and perhaps welcoming of such a deal, however improbable.

Coming off how James thought it was “just weird” how Magic Johnson shockingly resigned as Lakers president of basketball operations, it’s reasonable to assume the superstar is wondering what kind of mess he’s gotten himself into in L.A.

“They’re still the Lakers by name,” a prominent agent told Bleacher Report. “But the infrastructure, the assets, the front office, those are big questions.  What’s the plan? Who’s really in charge?”

Who is in charge of the Lakers is a good question, as there appears to be some disconnect between general manager Rob Pelinka and other factions within the organizational power structure. Perhaps most baffling of all is how adviser Kurt Rambis and wife Linda — a confidante of Buss — allegedly interfered in some manner with the hiring of Lue.

Still, Lue made sense, especially in light of his strong relationship with James, though the superstar is said to have been adamantly against getting involved in the Lakers’ coaching search.

“I think what LeBron is learning is how important a strong, stable front office is to his success,” one of the people familiar with James’ relationship with Lue during their time in Cleveland told Bleacher Report. “For the Lakers not to close this deal, they must have put something on the table that Lue wasn’t comfortable with. What was that? If that’s the case, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

The former Cavaliers coach reportedly balked at the Lakers’ offer and was said to be insulted by the length of contract extended, not to mention the team’s insistence he hire Jason Kidd as an assistant.

And now here the Lakers stand, starting anew in their coaching search with James probably wondering how things went so sideways so quickly.