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Klay Thompson takes issue with speculation he’s unhappy

Much is being made this week about Klay Thompson’s reported unhappiness playing third- or fourth-wheel on the superstar-heavy Golden State Warriors. Further, said speculation supposedly reinforces the belief Thompson may depart the Warriors and sign elsewhere after the season.

Nothing could be further from the truth, Thompson insists.

“That’s not true,” Thompson said Wednesday, via the San Jose Mercury News. “Have I ever indicated I was unhappy?”

The suspicion that Thompson is somehow unhappy on the Warriors was first floated last week by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on “First Take.”

“Klay Thompson hasn’t been happy; his number hasn’t been called nearly enough and he’s tired of sitting around and getting quote-unquote ‘the crumbs’ left behind other people” in Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, Smith opined.

The belief as recently as January was that Thompson would remain with the organization that selected him 11th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft, with the phrase “Warrior for Life” being bandied about.

Steve Kerr recently furthered that narrative by stating that all parties involved want Thompson to remain with the team.

“I know that everybody — coaches, management, ownership — everybody wants Klay back,” Kerr said this week. “I think the feeling is just, Klay wants to be here, we want Klay.”

Thompson’s murky status with the Warriors beyond this season certainly lacks the fanfare surrounding Kevin Durant’s uncertain future with the team.

That said, Thompson boasts a critical, if under-appreciated, role as the Warriors’ linchpin, something the team presumably will take into consideration this coming offseason, especially if Durant departs as anticipated.