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Baker Mayfield surprised by mom after reading heartfelt Mother’s Day note

Baker Mayfield clearly enjoys a strong bond with his mom, and a heartfelt letter he wrote to her for Mother’s Day certainly proves as much. What makes footage of the Cleveland Browns quarterback’s emotional reading of the note so touching, though, was a special surprise that was in store for him.

ESPN, as it has done in the past as part of its annual “Dear Mom” campaign, has some of the biggest superstars in sports write, and then read, letters in tribute to their mothers ahead of their special Sunday.

“Words do not begin to describe how thankful I am to call you my mother,” Mayfield’s letter begins, as transcribed by “You have never stopped believing in me, always pushing me to do more and then always having the big picture mindset to push through adversity.”

Mayfield was unaware of how his mother, Gina, was listening to her son read the note in the next room. The two enjoyed an emotional moment when she came into the room and surprised him.

“It’s nice that she can hear it not just on paper, but hear it come out of my mouth,” he said after sharing a hug with his mom.

“It’s very special to hear him say some of things. Especially the story about going to Norman. That was not fun at all,” Gina said, laughing.

“I’m very thankful for you,” she told her son.

The best of line at all from Mayfield’s letter, one that should end up on Mother’s Day cards for all eternity?

“There’s no handbook on parenting, but if there was, you’d be the author.”

That’s some seriously remarkable and touching prose. Hallmark may already be recruiting Mayfield to gauge his interest in a potential offseason gig with the company.