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Steve Kerr: Klay Thompson ‘wants to be here, we want Klay’

Steve Kerr laid it all on the line when addressing the uncertain nature of Klay Thompson’s future with the Golden State Warriors, arguing that all involved parties want the sharpshooter to remain in the fold.

“I know that everybody — coaches, management, ownership — everybody wants Klay back,” Kerr said, via ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “I think the feeling is just, Klay wants to be here, we want Klay.”

Reports in January indicated Thompson is expected to remain with the Warriors despite earlier whispers concerning his purported interest in joining another West Coast team should a Warriors deal never come to fruition.

It goes without saying Thompson’s murky status with the Warriors beyond this season lacks the fanfare surrounding Kevin Durant’s uncertain future with the team. That said, the Thompson drama got amped up a bit this week amid his ongoing postseason struggles due to a report that he was tiring of his spot in the pecking order on the superstar-laden Warriors, which leads him to scrambling for “crumbs left behind by other people.”

That said, Andrew Bogut recently stuck up for Thompson amid all the rumors, pointing out the chatter is not coming from his teammate.

“The media, I think, give him a little bit of a break as far as over-speculating and throwing him into the fire because he hasn’t really fueled it — at all,” Bogut said.

Kerr went on to stress Thompson’s critical, if under-appreciated, role as the Warriors’ linchpin.

“I think Klay sort of ties it all together in a lot of ways,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said. “There’s not one person in this organization who would ever question Klay’s agenda or motives. He’s just Klay. He just wants to win; he wants to shoot, he wants to play. So that kind of personality is important when you have a lot of emotional swings within a season. Because you need people like Klay who are just easy-going and fun to be around. No B.S.”