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Sean McVay laments over-preparing for Super Bowl

The Los Angeles Rams did not have the showing expected or obviously desired in a loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII, and Sean McVay believes the disappointing outcome was in large part his fault.

The Rams put up an overly listless performance in a 13-3 loss, and McVay recently expressed regret over how he may have over-prepared for the showdown with Bill Belichick. Specifically, the Rams head coach believes an over-reliance on watching game film was to blame.

McVay recalls that he watched every game the Patriots played during the 2018 NFL season as well as New England’s previous two appearances in the Super Bowl in an effort to gain an edge.

“You see stuff that worked in, say, Week Three, but you forget about the amount of stuff that’s taken place since Week Three,” McVay said this week. “You can watch so much film that you lose perspective.”

McVay, who boasts an uncanny recall ability for all things football that borders on the absurd, believes he did both himself and the Rams a disservice with his obsession with over-preparation.

“I operated knowing I had another week,” McVay said of the two-week window ahead of the Super Bowl after the Rams defeated the Saints in the NFL Championship Game. “That urgency to completely finalize the game plan wasn’t quite there, and that led to me watching so much film that you can almost water down your thought process…

“You have so much time that you can over-prepare and get away from some of the things that helped you get there.”

McVay obviously is not the first coach to lock horns with Belichick in a Super Bowl and come out of the game questioning himself over how things played out so poorly. Still, the “paralysis by analysis” angle certainly is an intriguing thing to pin a loss on, especially given how Belichick is unparalleled in that regard.

McVay appears committed to learning from his mistakes, and indicated he will be much better prepared by ironically preparing less should the Rams be “fortunate enough to return” to the big game.